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Lexus USA Sets 2016 RX Sales Expectations

Lexus RX Sales USA

According to a WardsAuto interview with Lexus USA marketing manager Brian Bolain, the brand is expecting some big things from the 2016 RX F SPORT:

“F Sport has historically been around 10% (of total sales) on the outgoing RX, but we think the opportunity is bigger – I think around 20% is more likely,” Bolain says of how the mix may shift for the fourth-gen model.

However, Lexus still has ordered 10% of initial ’16 RXs built at its Cambridge, ON, Canada, plant as F Sport grades, as brand managers want to see how the market will react.

While expectations are high on the F SPORT package, Lexus expects overall RX sales to remain the same:

The RX comprises 15.8% of the Middle Luxury CUV segment today, vs. roughly 20% a year ago and about 30% in its earliest years.

“We typically sell around 100,000 a year, and we’re going to plan to sell around 100,000 a year,” Bolain says. “The share number we have is already pretty strong, and since we just introduced the NX…we want to be realistic about expectations.”

It will be interesting to follow sales story of the new RX and the NX — no question, the RX will continue on as the best selling Lexus in the USA, but just how high will the NX climb?

To me the RX more than any Lexus is going to be a true test of their new bold design language. Will traditional buyers scoff at the styling? If they do will conquest buyers move into the RX? Will there be more male buyers?

I think F-Sport's will take 30-35% of the mix. If the initial allotment is only 10% they are going to be a very hot item and I imagine with less negotiation.
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    Alexis c
  • October 3, 2015
Lexus RX is always winner style and luxury all in one white with the black to match my white gs