More Rumors on the Lexus Three-Row Crossover

Lexus RX Three-Row Crossover

The ongoing saga of the Lexus three-row crossover continues in this new Edmunds interview with Lexus USA marketing manager Brian Bolain:

It is coming,” Bolain said, although he would not provide a timetable.

“We have not settled [the name] internally,” he said during an interview at the Lexus RX event here. “I feel like we have an awful lot of equity in RX so I think the answer will probably sort itself like that. But we haven’t come to a conclusion.”

When asked if the five-seat model will be stretched to accommodate the third-row seat, Bolain said there is “nothing in terms of design that we can share yet.”

After a recent quote from RX chief engineer Takayuki Katsuda that a three-row RX crossover was “impossible”, it seemed this new model would stand alone with its own design and unique nameplate (possibly using the long-rumored TX).

However, the possibility now remains open that there may be both a five-seat RX and seven-seat RX-L, sharing the same overall design with a different rear shape to accommodate the additional row of seats.

In other words, even with all this information, we know nothing — nothing, that is, than the fact that three-row Lexus crossover is indeed on its way.