Lexus Getting Ready to Announce a Three-Row Crossover?

Lexus RX Three-Row Crossover

Lexus USA general manager Jeff Bracken shares some details on the much-rumored three-row crossover in a recent interview with WardsAuto:

“Dealers are really focused on [the three-row crossover] (and) I would say if it’s not (their top complaint), it’s one of the most important misses from their perspective,” Jeff Bracken, senior vice president for Lexus in the U.S., tells WardsAuto in an interview here.

Bracken says Lexus “could make an announcement pretty soon” on a 3-row RX, seemingly confirming reports of the CUV’s existence.

“(Dealers) see how well Acura is doing with their third row (in the MDX), so clearly there is a significant market that we’re not in,” Bracken says.

It’s worth pointing out a recent situation similar to this three-row crossover — remember, the NX felt incredibly late to the small crossover segment, but ended up becoming a huge success due to expert timing by Lexus.

(Is this three-row crossover an RX variant (RXL) or a model of its own? From a manufacturing and resources standpoint, it may be easier stretch the RX, but two models with the same name adds a layer of complexity. From my perspective, better to create something that can live on its own.)