Report: Next-Generation Lexus RX to Debut at New York Auto Show

Lexus RX 2016

Edmunds has now confirmed that the next-generation Lexus RX will be revealed at the New York Auto Show in April:

The RX 350 is expected to be larger, a strategy that will separate it in terms of size and price from the recently introduced 2015 Lexus NX 200t SUV, which shares a platform with the smaller Toyota RAV4.

Car shoppers should expect the redesigned RX 350 to use an extensive amount of lightweight materials to boost fuel economy. It will continue to share a platform with the Toyota Camry and Toyota Avalon, industry sources said.

The RX 350 may be stretched a bit to accommodate a third-row seat, but Lexus has not confirmed whether seven-passenger seating will be offered. The model has been a five-seater since its inception in 1998.

Just two weeks ago, Edmunds reported that the next-gen RX would debut at this week’s Detroit Auto Show, which obviously didn’t happen — however, an NYC reveal makes a lot of sense in terms of venue and timing.

There’s not much substance in the rest of the rumor — the RX may or may not be stretched, it may have seven seats or it might not. The good news is that the New York Auto Show is fast approaching, and there’s bound to be more information shortly.

[Source: Edmunds]