Next-Generation Lexus RX Prototype Spotted!

Lexus RX Prototype Spotted

Spy photographers for Autoweek have spotted a camouflaged prototype of the next-generation Lexus RX — let’s take a look, starting with the front:

Lexus RX Prototype Front

The camouflage may be elaborate around the grille, but there’s no denying the NX influence in the hood shape and headlight placement. It’s worth noting that grille itself appears quite small in comparison to other recently released models.

On to the side profile and how it compares to the current model:

Lexus RX Prototype vs Current model

It’s an inexact measurement, but proportions seem similar — the prototype does appear to have a longer wheelbase, but a three-row seat configuration seems out of the question.

As for the back side, let’s take a look:

Lexus RX Prototype Rear

From this angle, differences seem minimal and drawn mostly from the NX — there’s the shelf-like design to the tailgate and a peak of RC-like taillights, but it’s not a massive overhaul of the current model.

Overall, this RX prototype looks like a safe evolution — not as many angles and sharp edges as the NX, modern but softer. Of course, the camouflage makes it impossible to say for sure.

Be sure to check out the full gallery at Autoweek — let’s dig into the prototype and see what’s under all those swirls.

[Source: Autoweek]