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Lexus NX 200t AWD: By the Numbers

Car & Driver has put the Lexus NX 200t AWD to the test and reports the results:

The numbers we got at the track won’t exactly light your hair on fire, the NX accelerating from zero to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds and hitting the quarter-mile in 15.3 seconds at 92 mph. That 60-mph time ties that of the last Q5 2.0T we tested yet lags more than 0.7 second behind both the lighter BMW X1 xDrive28i and the heavier X3 with the same engine.

On the plus side, the four [cylinder engine] is quiet, more so than even the hybrid by two decibels at a 70-mph cruise (66 decibels versus 68). Activate the “active sound control” system in Sport mode, however, and the cabin fills with a pleasantly barky, if technically inauthentic, engine note.

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Lexus NX: First GenerationReviews
  • W
  • December 11, 2014
Lexus needs to put that 2.0T in the IS right away...Quite dumb for C&D to compare it to the X1 when it directly competes with the X3.
  • T
    Troy Howard
  • December 11, 2014
C&D are just dumb.
  • G
  • December 11, 2014
Why is a car which is not intended for the track being judged on the basis of its performance on a track? These performance metrics are irrelevant to the NX's reason for existence.