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Lexus Considering V8 Supercars Racing Series in Australia

Lexus Australia recently confirmed its interest in taking part in the country’s V8 Supercars touring car championship series — from Car Advice:

“We’ve had very high-level discussions with V8 Supercars,” Hanley told CarAdvice at the local launch of the Lexus RC350 in Melbourne today. “V8 Supercars never approached me, any interest we have shown has come from Lexus. We intitiated a high-level discussion.

“It is certainly something we’re examining. Are we interested? The truth is yes we are [and] frankly we think that RC F may suit that landscape in the future.”

Traditionally, only V8 sedans have been permitted to take part in the series, but a rule change in 2017 will allow coupes to take part.

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    Ayo DocMkize
  • December 10, 2014
I am puzzled here why is Lexus having an issue with entering V8 supercars, if there only thing is wether thier cars are sedan or coupe ? Meaning the Lexus has an ISF CCS-R sedan at their disposal. In my opinion the CCS-R is more than capable to get the job done.