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Lexus RC F SPORT Parts Debut at LA Auto Show

Along with the LF-C2 concept, Lexus also debuted new F SPORT parts for the RC 350 — let’s start with some photos of the display:

The parts are as follows: F SPORT Rear Bumper Exhaust Diffuser · F SPORT Performance Exhaust & Exhaust Tips · F SPORT 19-inch wheels · F SPORT Lowering Springs

No word yet on availability or pricing, but it shouldn’t be too long before more details are revealed. Stay tuned!

[Source: Kaizen Factor]

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I'm sure this Exhaust gonna sound beast XD Anything for the RCF?? I mean I know its a PERFECT car already!! But maybe more for the Exhaust tips!
  • D
  • November 20, 2014
It also appears to have a lip spoiler similar to the Five-Axis ones offered for the FR-S. Is this also an F-Sport accessory?