Lexus To Build Modified RC F with Help from Instagram Followers

Lexus Insta-Build RC F

Lexus USA is tapping its Instagram followers to decide how an RC F will be modified for this year’s SEMA auto show in Las Vegas:

Lexus Insta-Build RC F Choices

1) Drift – Rear drive and V8, the RC F was basically built to get sideways. Should we strip it out, cage it, and let it realize its destiny?

2) VIP – Some would say it’s ludicrous to get low and plush with a car like the RC F, but when’s the last time you cared what others said?

3) Track – Do we create a more intense version of the RC F by adding a few hp, tightening up the suspension, and making this coupe even stickier?

To vote, leave a comment on this Instagram photo with your choice — my unscientific calculation puts #3 in the lead, which would be my choice as well.

[Source: Lexus USA Instagram Via: Lexpressions]