Lexus to Build a CT-Based Sedan?

Lexus CT Sedan Rumor

Lexus is considering a CT-based compact sedan, according to a Motoring Australia interview with Lexus International president Tokuo Fukuichi:

“This is also a new product that … we consider about the possibility in the market. We have a chance to develop something like this,” said Fukuichi, who is also the global design chief of Toyota and Scion.

When pressed about the existence of such a car, the notoriously cagey Japanese design guru virtually confirmed a concept car would preview the small sedan at the 2015 Geneva motor show in March.

“Yes. Wait till next year, at the Geneva motor show,” he said with a wide grin, unable to contain his excitement.

This would be a smart move by Lexus. It adds more options for entry-level customers, and there’s some real potential with a stylish compact sedan in the same mold as the Audi A3 & Mercedes CLA.

When asked about possible engines, Fukuichi-san had this to say:

“We need to think about the many possibilities [for drivetrains]. We have to think about environment. We try to think about hybrid engines, turbo engines too,” he said.

This might be putting the cart before the horse, but does that mean a turbo engine will be offered in the next generation CT as well?

[Source: Motoring Australia]