Lexus LFA Honored in EVO Magazine’s Top Five Cars of the Modern Era

Lexus LFA EVO 200

In celebration of its 200th issue, the writers at EVO Magazine gathered their top five cars of the modern era in order to crown “the one that best represents the Thrill of Driving”.

As you can probably tell from the image above, Lexus’ very own LFA was included alongside the Ford GT, Renaultsport Mégane R26.R, Porsche 911 GT3 RS 3.8, and Ferrari 458 Speciale:

‘Nothing is quite as bewitching as an LFA, is it?’ gushes Jethro. ‘From the meticulous construction to that inertia-free V10, it just feels special.’ John concurs: ‘Fascinating thing. Very cool, partly because it’s sensationally rare, but there’s also a real sense of occasion when that V10 fires up.’

The LFA has seduced one and all – its exquisite detail and focus casting a spell that not even the mildly recalcitrant upshifts can break. ‘It just feels special,’ Jethro beams. ‘It’s seriously good fun, too. The rear of the car seems to be always just on the move but once you’re comfortable with that sensation of the rear axle taking on a bit of attitude, the chassis starts to shine. Summon its full might, which admittedly isn’t as mighty as you might expect, and the balance remains, with gorgeously controllable oversteer and supreme damping.’

I won’t spoil the eventual winner except to say that it’s not the LFA — regardless, the fact that a Lexus was included in this very exclusive comparison speaks volumes at how far the brand has come in terms of performance. Amazing result.

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