Lexus UK Releases RC F Pricing & Package Information

Lexus RC F UK Pricing Information

Lexus UK has released pricing for the 2015 RC F coupe and its two option packages, with the base-model RC F starting at £59,995 and RC F Carbon package at £67,995.

(Please note for anyone outside of the UK, these prices include a 10% import duty and 20% value-added tax. Calculating another country’s price is not a simple currency exchange.)

Standard on all RC Fs are Brembo brakes, Sachs monotube shock absorbers, an active rear wing, Lexus’s Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system and 19-inch forged alloy wheels.

The RC F Carbon package adds a torque-vectoring differential and a CFRP (carbon fibre-reinforced plastic) roof, hood & rear spoiler. The torque-vectoring differential is a world-first in a front engine/rear-wheel drive car, providing three driver-selectable modes to optimize traction and vehicle control.

Also standard on all UK RC Fs are LED headlights (high and low beam) with automatic high beam function; a 10-speaker multimedia system including DAB, DVD player, a new Remote Touch touchpad control and Lexus Premium Navigation; dual-zone climate control; and Drive Mode Select.

It will be interesting to work backwards from the UK pricing to see what the RC F might cost in North America, but first things first — here’s a full breakdown of all packages & options.

Standard RC F Features

LED headlights with auto high-beam · 19-inch forged alloy wheels · Lexus Drive Mode Select · Brembo brakes · Sachs monotube shock absorbers · Active/retractable rear spoiler · High-grade leather upholstery · Heated/ventilated front seats with power adjustment (eight-way) · Power steering column adjustment · Heated/auto-dimming/folding door mirrors · Card key · Auto-dimming rear-view mirrors · Reversing camera · Front and rear parking sensors · 10-speaker multimedia system with Lexus Premium Navigation and Remote Touch touchpad control · Dual-zone climate control · Cruise control · Lane Departure Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and blind spot monitor · Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management · Electronic parking brake · Keyless Smart Entry

Standard RC F Options

Metallic paint · Torque-vectoring differential · Sunroof · Adaptive Cruise Control and Pre-Crash Safety system · Mark Levinson Surround Sound system

RC F Carbon Package Additional Features

Torque-vectoring differential · CFRP roof, bonnet and rear spoiler · Dedicated-design 19-inch forged alloy wheels · Alcantara upholstery · Heated front seats · Mark Levinson Surround Sound system ·

RC F Carbon Package Additional Options

Adaptive Cruise Control and Pre-Crash Safety system · Metallic paint


  1. M4 is cheaper at £56k base-price though , although I'm not sure fully loaded , which one is more expensive ; but performance wise , M4 seems better . :
    • We don't know the performance of the RCF yet. But hey, you pay more for more motor and power
    • I know RC F have like 30hp more than M4 , but the weights is what worries me ... maybe it would perform as good as M4 , but it should be interesting to see what can Lexus do with the extra weights .
    • As with almost all Lexus vehicles sold in the UK, they are more expensive than their german competitors but they tend to have much more standard equipment to balance it all out.
    • So that said , even BMW are cheaper , but when you made it have same equipment as Lexus , it should be similar price or even more expensive ?
    • Two problems I have with the M4; They look like all of the other 3 series on the road, and it's 'literally' crappy sounding 6. The engine note is good under load but winding down it pops and sputters. Totally ruins it for me.
  2. So you can get the Torque Vectoring as an option to a standard RC-F? That's awesome since I don't really like the carbon fiber look but want TVD.
  3. It doesn't matter how much it coast What matters now... That it has more HP than the M4 And please don't complain about the price Because when Lexus decided to make the price tag of the LFA 375,000$ It means it deserve every penny of it So re-think cheap people Lexus's first supercar LFA & it's the best (no mistake)... And now the RCF is here! I guess you got the point!!
  4. Anyone know what the guess is for prices in the US for the RC and RCF?
    • I will guess the base 'in US dollars' will be in the high 60's around 69k. With the carbon package it will hit the 80's.
  5. Well, I'm not surprised. Stupid VAT and the small UK population makes things like this happen. I won't be seeing this nor an M3/M4 in my garage anytime soon, as they're not in my budget. I may be an ex-dependent of multi-millionaires (mum & dad), but on my own do not have that kind of money anymore in saving for pricey land/real estate. Those of you in the US should be happy you are not forced to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a new car, like we are in the UK and mainland Europe.
    • You should really come to Australia then. I got a feeling our market is the highest and most Taxed. so in theory the RC-F will probably start from $140,000 AUD