Video: Exclusive Features of the Lexus RC F SPORT

Lexus RC F SPORT Lava Orange

Lexus International has released a video outlining the exclusive features included with the RC F SPORT, and in the process revealed the first look of the standard RC in the new orange exterior color:

(So this new orange will be known as Nova Orange internationally, Solar Flare in the UK, and Molten Pearl in the USA? Confusing!)


  1. Solar flare what ever you want to call it looks good finally a video of the car in motion. Wish it was the carbon F model but the Fsport will do can't wait to see the car in person so I can make my mind up already. Replay replay
  2. Lexus I've been waiting forever ... Come out already???
  3. I wish they'd offer it with the GS 450h's driveline in Europe since we don't get the RC 350. The price (and performance) gap between the RC 300h and RC F is rather big.
  4. This car will definitely be a success, Lexus is on the right track. One coupe is not enough,
  5. I love how they're including the LFA-inspired gauges on the F-sport models, this one looks to have the digital needle as well. Also really liking that orange, although I'm curious how many of those will be made/sold.
  6. White Nova GF? GF as in girlfriend?! haha
  7. I think Solar Flare should be standard across all markets since Lexus did ask the fans to help them name the new colour.
  8. RAL

    There are those tacky tiny fog lights again . . .