Lexus Enthusiast Membership Drive Starts Today

Lexus Enthusiast Membership Drive

Hello all,

Since launching in 2007, the Lexus Enthusiast website has become the single best independent source for daily news and insider information on all things Lexus.

This fall, the site will be going through a large scale redesign that will introduce important & frequently requested new features — it’s an ambitious goal with plenty of challenges, and will need your help to make it a reality.

I’ve created this video with an overview of the changes and an explanation of what’s next:

Now that you have an idea of what’s happening, here’s a detailed breakdown the major changes.

Please note: While the site will be changing extensively, it will remain free to access and will continue to be updated with daily news.

Community Forum

The single biggest change will be a new community forum — It’s time for enthusiasts from around the world to have a central place where we can discuss Lexus news and events while sharing our knowledge with other owners.

This forum will be the heart of our community, moderated by well-respected and passionate enthusiasts, and built on a modern discussion platform that rewards participation.

Registration will be free, and active members will be recognized for their contributions through a reward system. The regional sub-sections will encourage local meets around the world.

World’s First Lexus Podcast

Readers have also been asking for more meaningful access to Lexus executives and decision makers — that’s why Lexus Enthusiast will be launching the world’s first dedicated Lexus podcast.

Every month, I will be releasing a new audio interview with the movers and shakers in the Lexus world, full of answers to questions that you ask.

Exclusive Merchandise

Lexus Enthusiast has been given permission by Lexus International to produce limited-edition merchandise available exclusively to site members.

A new t-shirt design will be released every three months, and additional merchandise is currently in the planning stages.

Daily Photo Project

Lexus Enthusiast will be launching the Daily Photo project, a new section of the website focusing exclusively on Lexus photography.

Images will be sourced from photographers, reader submissions, official sources, and the extensive archives of Lexus Enthusiast.

Founding Membership

In order to fund development of these new features, Lexus Enthusiast needs a group of 100 founding members.

Please note, the site will remain free to access, and will still be updated with daily news. The premium membership is for the value-added services outlined below.

For your early pledge of $105, you will receive a lifetime premium membership with unlimited access to:

  • The world’s first Lexus podcast
  • Exclusive member forums & posting privileges
  • Limited edition Lexus Enthusiast merchandise
  • Daily photo downloads
  • Monthly contests
  • Reduced advertising
  • Early access to new premium features

You will also receive recognition in a special Founding Members section, a custom forum badge marking your special status, and this limited edition Lexus LFA t-shirt:

Lexus LFA T-Shirt

This t-shirt is a launch exclusive and will be never printed again. As a founding member, you will be able to vote on the final color combination.

(When the site launches in the fall, a premium membership will be $30 a year.)

As mentioned in the video, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support over the years. What started as a hobby seven years ago is now bigger than I ever expected, and I can’t wait to see what happens when we all work together.

If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment!


Editor, Lexus Enthusiast


  1. Kevin. No you are about to make the biggest mistake of your life trying to make $ on people who visit your website with your "Premium Membership". As soon as that happens you will lose 99% of visitors. You can't charge people for any news about Lexus because there are millions of other websites where people can find the same info for free. But yes you should make $ on advertising and from advertisers, not from the visitors.
    • Hi Rafal, The site will remain free to access, and will still be updated with daily news. The premium membership is only for the value added services outlined below, here they are again: * The world’s first Lexus podcast * Exclusive member forums & posting privileges * Limited edition Lexus Enthusiast merchandise * Daily photo downloads * Monthly contests * Reduced advertising * Early access to new premium features Thank you for your comment, I'll be updating the post to reflect your feedback.
  2. Great work! Really looking forward to the forums and the podcasts.
  3. Krew, unlike some, I listened to your video presentation about the advantage of becoming a founder to your premium side of your website. So much so, I was the First, #1, Numero Uno to pledge the $105!! So I'm feeling kinda special right now. Since your website is #1 in my book and so is Lexus I had to show my support. Thanks for providing the must update and accurate information about the best car maker in the world. Your rock dude!
  4. RAL

    Glad to be a part of this new chapter. All the best success to you Kevin in these new endeavors.
  5. Sounds intriguing enough to join, so I did. Lexus Enthusiast is the best Lexus site for news and content, so with its own forums it will be really great and I can see how I am going to be spending even more time on it.
  6. This sounds awesome,Kevin! I've signed up as a founding member. Both Lexus and us fans are lucky to enjoy the fruits of your labours. :-D
  7. bloomberg stated that the LFA successor will be coming in 30 years time for a "new generation" (don't know if he means cars or people) can you confirm if this is true or just some claim that bloomberg has come up with (the one that the claim came from was a writer at bloomberg)
  8. It's definitely worth penny, jumping onboard for sure.
  9. Kevin, Just joined the founding membership group and really looking forward to all what Lexus Enthusiast has to offer.
  10. Did I miss something. I thought I was still going to receive daily news information via e-mail for free as before. It is now 7:23 est and no daily news today. Do I have to sign up again ?
    • Hi Jack, The daily email is sent out at 10am EST every day. All posts that happen after 10am are included in the next day's email.
  11. An excellent idea and you have my fullest support, Kevin. Really excited about what lies ahead.
  12. Although I haven't posted much in the past, I check here every day and Lexus Enthusiast is my most visited website. Glad to be a part of the founding membership and I'm looking forward to the upgrades
  13. Haven't watched the video yet. Contributed. :)
  14. Just signed up :)
  15. Almost half way there. Come on guys. We can do this. Where's my fellow UAE Lexus Fans? I'm calling you Hamed Al Sayes
  16. Ready to donate but will anonymous donation still give me all the perks as listed?
  17. Contribution made - good luck with the new website Kevin! :)
  18. I signed up yesterday and look forward to your success, keep up the good work.
  19. Brilliant idea, good luck with what's to come!
  20. I signed up too glad to be a founder!
  21. Kevin. thanks for your great idea and vision. Look forward to the new features, especially the forum and more interaction with Lexus decision makers. Hopefully it would improve the offerings from Lexus Canada. Just joined the founding member group.
  22. I've visited your site everyday since I won an IS F shirt, pen and hat from you quite a few years ago. Happy to support you! Campaign ID: paul19652
  23. AC

    just signed up! keep up the great work. almost there!
  24. Kevin, I could not pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity!
  25. SK

    If we are a Founding Member will we get the Limited Edition items right away or do we have to pay a fee for the items? I know we get the LFA Shirt but will we get a new shirt every 3 months?
    • Founding members will receive the free LFA t-shirt for signing up. All other merchandise will be available to founding members, but it will not be free.
  26. Sounds promising look forward to improvements etc. Am I alone in not liking this huge and hideous new grille pasted onto the front of Lexus? Especially on the so called Sport versions, the smaller grille used on the standard models whilst not really like able is just ok in my eyes.
  27. Officially (Founding Member)
  28. Hi Kevin, I joined the founding member group but I just figured I selected "no perks" by mistake in Indiegogo a few days ago. So I made another $5 contribution to top up the $100. Am I getting the LFA shirt? Sorry for the trouble. Thanks.
  29. And funder 97 is a fact, it's me ! Only 5$ needed to get your goal of 10,000$. Who's next ?
  30. Sounds great! I will be joining as a founding member as well. Best of luck to you and thanks for all the hard work!