Lexus Enthusiast: A New Chapter Begins on Monday

Lexus Enthusiast Teaser

Hello everyone — my name is Kevin Watts, and I’m the founder and editor of the Lexus Enthusiast website.

I’ve been writing Lexus Enthusiast since 2007, starting it as a hobby after buying my first car, a 1994 LS 400. Seven years later, and the site has been visited by millions of people and is now the single best place for daily news and insider information on all things Lexus.

2014 has been an exciting time for the brand — the addition of the RC & NX has brought new energy to the Lexus lineup, and the rumored future looks even brighter.

To celebrate this new momentum, Lexus Enthusiast will undergo a large scale redesign this fall that will introduce important new features and functionality long requested by readers. It’s an ambitious goal with plenty of challenges, and will require your help to make it a reality.

The process all starts next Monday with a major announcement — without exaggeration, I’ve been working on this for almost three years, and can’t wait to finally share the details with you.

Until next week,

Editor, Lexus Enthusiast