Will.i.am to Design Limited Edition Lexus NX

Lexus NX Will.I.Am

Lexus Europe has teamed up with artist Will.i.am for the NX crossover marketing campaign — the first collaboration is a music video for the song “Dreaming about the Future”, which features the NX heavily:

Will.i.am will star in the very first European NX commercial later this year, and will also be designing a limited edition NX — there are no further details on the custom NX, but it should be very interesting considering the artist’s previous automotive experience.

[Source: Lexus Europe]


  1. now this is LOW, you need to get your act together Lexus, you are not BMW with a comprehensive Individual program to justify special editions while you can't even offer customers the basic options and customization!
  2. Omg please dont bring the will i am edition to the usa. Did you see the car design he tried to make his own car company? Yuckkk. Bring the european nx grille! Dont bring his speical edition.
  3. The spindle grille going to be off like his stupid haircut.
  4. Dont be too negative guys. if you want Lexus to attract the youth/young people. hip hop music videos is a garanteed success, it does wonders! Lexus use to be in almost every hip hop music video in the 90's because at that time lexus was seen as something more prestige then anything on the road at that time. campanys like Aston Martin hook up with these hip hop rap guys, you get something like 'Aston Martin Music, Mybac Music. Get Lexus into music videos and the young people will start dreaming about lexus. Will i am is the perfect guy
    • Have you SEEN the monstrosities this guy has created? Take a look at the links, and the links within the links. For once I'm glad the Europeans get more than the U.S.
  6. Ok, this is....NOT GOOD. Product placement is a positive thing, like for example in movies, music video clips, presence at important/big events and such. It is good having the presence of celebs, but IMO it is bad promoting a car/brand through celebs, like all are doing now (BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Ferrari (F1 related) and McLaren (F1 related), or making celeb or brand limited editions (i.e. Infiniti Vettel Edition, BMW B&O Edition,...etc.). Anybody wants to have Justin Bieber promote his favourite vehicle (I have nothing against J.B), let alone have "Justin Bieber Edition"? What is this stupid trend? If all are doing it does not mean it is a good thing. Then about limited editions, yes they can be extremely profitable, a few decals, a few badges, only a limited number of units that makes the buy feel "special", a huge mark-up, and there you have it. But before making such editions the brand should also have overall appeal, that is not the case of Lexus, at least not in EU (France, Germany,...). The biggest problem of Lexus is that it is the only premium brand that does not have an individual programme like BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche have. It is also quite recently this programme is offered in NA, but Lexus does not offer it neither in NA, nor in EU. And in Japan, I do not know how many build custom cars through Modellista. Instead of wasting energy on useless limited editions, marketing strategies that at the end make you hating the product, Lexus better be busy with developing the individualisation branch Modellista, not to talk about updating the engines and strategically developing the Lexus portfolio. Levi.
    • I just believe this guy can draw some needed attention that needed for the lexus brand. "Will I Am" is actually very creative, the creativeness on this video is astonishing. we can argue about the point of youth but the fact is we are stack in a music world where a huge number of young people only care about what happening in hollywood and what the new song on MTV.
  7. I guess people don't understand international marketing. This commercial was not design for the US market.