Lexus Owners Meet in Toronto This Tuesday

Lexus F SPORT Owners Meet

Local event announcement — Erin Park Lexus in Mississauga will be hosting a Lexus owner’s meet this Tuesday night from 4-7pm.

All Lexus owners are welcome — there will be some special vehicles on display, including an LFA and some other potential surprises.

I’ll be attending with my new CT 200h F SPORT (which I spent the weekend polishing & waxing) — if you’re in the area, I hope to see you there!

See more information on the F SPORT meet


  1. RAL

    Krew, Just wanted to take an opportunity to say I am glad for you enjoying your new CT you have pictured at your homestead. Of the many pictures of Lexus vehicles you post I often have noticed and admired the part of your home pictured in the background. And as a Lexus enthusiast I so much I appreciate your work! Thanks for your dedication and all you do to make the site special.
  2. Krew, great, hope to see you there! I got the invitation from ErinPark as its my dealer and I will be there with my USB IS F-Sport and to firm up my NX F-Sport order :)
  3. It end's when I get off work, *tears* I've always wanted to see the LFA in person.
    • Chances are it will be the red LFA that they "store" for the owner on occasion cordoned off in the showroom, and it will likely be there for the rest of the night (9PM) if not until the next couple days. You should take your chances and drop by! :)
    • I've confirmed with Erin Park Lexus that the LFA will remain at the dealership after 7pm. Dealership closes at 9. Come on down, it would be great to meet you!
  4. Too far for me and and for my 250 ISC. greetings from Switzerland