Video: Lexus RC F Racing at Goodwood

Lexus RC F Goodwood

Lexus UK has released a final wrap-up video of the RC F at the Goodwood Festival of Speed:

One thing that went unmentioned in the video was a spinout by Didier Auriol during the race days — here’s a photo from GT Spirit:

Lexus RC F GT Spirit

The spinout had no lasting effect — the RC F prototype was undamaged and Auriol completed his run.

(Thanks to Gary for the GT Spirit link!)


  1. While the car is beautiful, those rims are ugliest and not sporty at all, at the contrary, Audi has some of the most boring style,in the premium league but probably the best looking rims on the market, sometimes they can make sexy even a boring car, instead Lexus ruin all the great job made for the body with ugly and def not attractive rims, I'm not talkin about the stock rc f rims but these in the video
    • im with you on this, i hate these rims. But dont think Audi can beat lexus when making good rims. today i see companies like ferrari lambo copying the stock LFA rims. The ISF rims, even Jeremy Clackson admited those rims were one of the best looking rims
    • In fact I was talkin about only these rims and some non F Sport fitted on the GS and LS, I'm totally agree with you about the LFA rims look fitted on the IS F Sport, my favourite design ever! But what in the world they did not use those beautiful charcoal LFA rims on the whole line up, when it comes to the F Sport trim (in different size and with minimal changes of course)? Try to imagine the RC F with some rims develloped on the LFA look...fortunately the standard RC F without carbon fiber package comes with beautiful rims even more sexy than those fitted on the new BMW M4.
    • I totaly agree with you. i love the other RCF rims and the one fitted on the RC F-sport. agree, the GS and LS should have got fitted with the same rims similar to the F-sport IS. check out the link i posted of the hill clumb RCF and check out the M4 with it too loose rear end on same goodwood hill clumb driven by Tiff
  2. Is this a hybrid - can hardly hear any exhaust note. Exhaust sound is something I wish they would have carried over from the LFA. It's that sound that makes a memorable impression. I love these wheels! So far all I've seen are the ones that have that dated "twist" to the spokes.
    • MD

      V8 in the RC-F sounds great to me. Engine note is more important. Exhaust sound and loudness is easily fixed by putting an aftermarket exhaust. If the engine sounds terrible (for example, Nissan GTR is horrendous sounding vacuum cleaner), no exhaust can fix the issue. Some will make it better, but nothing can make it sound good. The exhaust merely channels the engine sound. No car can ever sound like the LFA because the V10 72 degree configuration is extremely rare and then it is a short stroke, small displacement V10 that revs up to 9500 rpm quicker than any other engine. All of this together makes what it sounds like. Exhaust merely properly showcases how good the engine sounds is.
    • Engine exhaust sound and exhaust note is the same. Tuning the exhaust is what gives it the "note". The LFA sounds great in part because Yamaha helped with the exhaust to give it's great note. Paying $70,000 for a car and then having to put an aftermarket exhaust to get a good engine note is not an acceptable solution - it should come from the factory sounding special. Listen to the Maserati Ghibli as an example (from a V6!). The RC-F sounds like a stock Camaro SS; not a bad sound, but nothing special. There are plenty of non 72 degree V-10 over-square engines that sound special, just not the RC-F from what I've heard so far.
    • MD

      RC-F engine/exhaust was also tuned by Yamaha. A 1 minute video tells nothing about it. Even if it is not the best, there is no reason why aftermarket will not make it sound great. Speaking of $70,000 cars, I gave examples of terrible sounding cars like the new M4 and the Nissan GTR in particular, that never sound good under any circumstances. The GTR can be made sound better with aftermarket exhaust, but still sounds not particularly good. The M4 on the other hand even with Akrapovic full exhaust sounds like cr*p. And it is an $80,000 car. My point is, whether you find it acceptable or not, there are cars that cost $80k and sound like cr*p. Be thankful the RC-F whether stock or with an aftermarket exhaust, has the potential to sound great, p.s. With the V10 configuration LFA has, Yamaha will never be able to make it sound as great as it is. The engine configuration is what dictates how great the engine/exhaust can sound.
    • Yes I agree the cars you point out don't sound good, I never said they did. And I'm not saying the RC-F sounds bad, just not special enough to be memorable. Not trying to argue with you so please don't get defensive, this is just my personal impression of what I've heard from the RC-F in the numerous videos online. And yes, a 72 degree V10 will sound better than a 90 degree (but not the point). And I certainly don't expect the RC-F to sound like the LFA. BTW Yamaha only co-developed the cylinder heads of the 2UR-GSE, not the exhaust, whereas Yamaha co-developed the entire 1LR-GUE engine and exhaust.
  3. @krew it looks like they just showing us a made up video, The RCF in the video is not at it full speed. it looks like a lexus promotional video, it weired they had all the time to get all those great camera views. I smell a promo video. we want to see the RCF spinout video!
  4. here guys theres link of a video of the insanely fast RCF goodwood climbe.
  5. The engine sounds very much like that of the IS F. Similar engine similar sound?
  6. the thing is as much as i love the rc-f and if i had the money i will buy one without even thinking its going to be beaten by the M4, its a lot heavier, more than 200 kg, and have less torque, so the M4 will kick its ass in 0-60 times,and the M4 have dsg gearbox, and around the track it will be the same story, the M4 is a lot lighter so its going to handle better, lexus made the same mistake like the is-f, too heavyyyyyy and not enough torque, and for sure its going to need some powerfull brakes to stop it, so the 0-60 is not that maybe fun-to-drive but thats alone is not enough, i hope i am wrong because i really like the look of this car....we have to wait and see what happens...
    • MD

      WTF? How did you determine it will be 200 KG? That is 500 lbs. The M4 has been weighing in at 3600 lbs in tests done by C&D and MT. The RC-F target weight is under 3900 lbs. The weight difference will be no more than 300 - 350 lbs. The RC-F makes a lot more horsepower (471 HP). Torque is a non-issue as long RC-F gearing is aggressive. Gearing always compensates for torque especially in high-revving car.
    • According to topgear the m4 weight is 1497kg...and the isf is 1700kg...and according to lexus the rcf is even heavier...and how did you know what hp the rcf have?? ita more than 450 but nobody said 471...
    • MD

      I don't care what Top Gear says. I just know, it was weighed by C&D and MT and it tipped the scales at 3600 lbs. Does not matter what the dry weight is. What matters is, how much does it weigh on the scale and it was 3600 lbs, End of story.
    • MD

      You are completely out of touch. There was a leaked Lexus brochure posted on clublexus which showed 477 PS@7100 rpm and 393 ft-lbs of torque. Just wait and see.
    • Can you share the link?? i didnt see that one...dont think that i am against lexus...i told you if i had the money i will buy it without hesitation... Edit: nevermind i found the link...interesting...i hope that the 471/477 hp is real...then it will kick some ass
    • MD

      RC-F will make 393 ft-lbs. To put it into context, the RS5 weighs 4200 lbs and makes 317 ft-lbs of torque. Still because of a high-revving engine and wide torque spread with gearing, it does a 0 - 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and 1/4 mile in 12.2 seconds. About even with the M4.
    • Dont forget 4wd...