Lexus to Introduce Manual Transmission RC F & IS F?

Lexus RC F on the Track

Lexus may release a IS F and RC F with a manual transmission, according to recent Motoring Australia interview with Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) business operations director Rob Leupen:

One project Leupen revealed was the development of what he called a manual-shift gearbox (presumably a dual clutch) for the new generation RC F/IS F drivetrain. He also mentioned development of hybrid technology for the next generation IS F using a manual-shift gearbox.

“That car might be two or three years away but when it does come you will find it has been developed by TMG.”

Considering the source, this could be a major new announcement — offering a manual transmission with the IS F & RC F would be a huge boost to Lexus’ performance credibility, especially if it’s a new dual-clutch gearbox. If true, this would be very exciting news.

(Also, did Leupen just confirm that there will be a new IS F?)

[Source: Motoring Australia]