Photo Gallery: Lexus NX F SPORT in Matador Red Mica

Lexus NX in Red

A Lexus NX 200t F SPORT in Matador Red Mica is currently on display at Midland Square in Nagoya, Japan — here are some photos from Japanese blogger Renoba:

(Japanese consumers will be able to pre-order NX models starting this weekend, and different colors are being displayed all over the country — more photos shortly!)

See more photos of the red Lexus NX F SPORT (Thanks corradoMR2 & AndyL!)


  1. Krew, thanks for your message last night. Great pick of the pictures. So far these are the best shots out of the Lexus Gallery Midland Square. Actually from the same blogger, he just received a simplified catalogue of NX from his salesman. It is not the official brochure yet despite there are already 18-20 pages. By North American standard, the amount of information and the efforts in making the layout can be mistaken as a formal brochure -- except the "Internal Use Only" and the "Launch in 2014 July" tell the truth! The shots of the catalogue are not clear enough to see the texts but you get the idea of how the layout of the catalogue looks like. The pages are really beautiful.
  2. "Japanese consumers will be able to pre-order NX models starting this weekend" This is the official date. However, in reality, some customers in Japan already placed the order and expect delivery in late August/early Sept.
  3. Sexiest crossover in the WORLD :DD
  4. Perfect styling and colour.
  5. Joe

    Pre-orders are running in Belgium, too. As soon as the official prices were sent to the dealers, orders came in ;-) First deliveries for October.
  6. AndyL - thanks for the posts at clublexus. I simply pointed krew to them. All the credit's yours! MRM is growing on me, especially on the front-end. Not so sure about the rear, but that's my feeling with most MRM Lexus' vehicles as it washes out the rear lights. Overall, definitely accentuates the sporty and aggressive look of the NX F-Sport! AndyL, now we're just missing some good pics of Obsidian/SGB and Nebula Gray from your sources in Japan! :)