BEYOND Story: The Lexus RC 350

Lexus RC 350 Side Profile

The Lexus RC is the subject of the latest BEYOND story on the Lexus International website:

The RC will fill a long-standing gap in the Lexus lineup. “When we looked at the freshly carved model of this car, we were immensely excited because we were doing what hadn’t been done before: making a coupe,” recalls Junichi Furuyama, previously chief engineer of the RC. “To strengthen the emotional value of the brand and to appeal to younger generations, introducing a coupe to the range was a must for Lexus.”

Purposefully pared back to put focus on performance, the RC will provide one of the purest and most exhilarating Lexus driving experiences. It will be as luxurious as it is high performing, says Furuyama, and will “deliver superior drivability at a higher speed or in a higher g-force environment.”

Like all BEYOND stories, the text is accompanied by some excellent photography — here’s a sampling:

Lexus RC 350 Interior

Lexus RC 350 Front

The standard RC has been out of the spotlight with the introduction of the RC F SPORT & RC F, so it’s nice to see this feature.

(Always enjoy the presentation of these BEYOND stories online — be sure to check it out.)

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  1. The most beautiful Lexus to date. The story shows depicts the RC in a different light.
  2. Loving the non F-port RC350
  3. Kudos to Lexus for a beautiful, interactive online magazine. And car of course! Anyone notice the first pic has the corner of the front light photoshopped red? Error in the publishing? I see no reason why it would have been intentionally masked.
  4. MT

    Appeal to younger buyers? Here in Europe coupes are driven by older people that don't have too many grandchildren. Young people buy either a hatchback or a small van.
  5. Hate to say this but the first pic is probably the ugliest view of the car lmao, wow it just looks horrible. It's because the headlight is a little in and the fenders have a few angles so it just looks odd lol. The 3rd pic is really nice , captures some nice lines and shapes of the RC
  6. I wish to hear the RC200t exhaust note
  7. That red is stunning. I can't wait to see the car in person
  8. B

    The standard wheels looks great.
  9. i spot a bad photoshopping of the headlight's side view...oops for Lexus.
  10. This car is damn beautiful.. different but damn Lexus has pull off a looker and the inside looks just as great. But the wheel gap and stance is too good to be true for Lexus I hate that Lexus lower the cars for photos.. kind of miss leading in a way.