Slammed Lexus IS F SPORT from Japanese Tuner Lexon

Lexus IS F SPORT Lexon Slammed Front

Dino Dalle Carbonare from Speedhunters has a nice feature on Japanese tuner Lexon and their Lexus IS F SPORT show car:

Before the Lexon company was set up, its owner, Takemi-san, was more into the performance side of things and was primarlily building and supplying parts for circuit and drift cars.

But with changing trends and more requests from his loyal customers who were swapping their sports cars for luxury street cars, the decision to move into modifying upmarket machines was a simple one. And that’s how Lexon came to be – Takemi-san designing his own line of body parts especially for Lexus vehicles.

The IS F SPORT show car has been outfitted with a full Lexon body kit, an AirRunner air suspension, and a set of new Vossen 20-inch VSF-1s wheels — here’s an alternate angle:

Lexus IS F SPORT Lexon Slammed Rear

Read the Speedhunters Feature on Japanese tuner Lexon


  1. Loving the stance.
  2. That's really nice!
  3. U G L Y Also, good luck driving that out of the driveway.
  4. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!! next?
  5. This is the type of car you take to a show on the back of a flatbed truck. It is carefully wheeled off and then pushed into position only to be run while sitting still.
  6. Nice, however not the car to drive as daily driver. The VSF-1's are amazing, I wonder what the wheels look like on standard height, or slightly lowered.
  7. What happened to the real Japanese tuners? Most of these modified Lexuses is for the Hellaflush, stance, streetwear crowd.
  8. It's on Air Runners folks, so yes it can be a Daily Driver...