More Information on the Lexus CT BG Concept

Lexus CT BG Concept Beijing

Japanese website has more photos of the Lexus CT BG Concept from the Beijing Motor Show last month:

The CT BG, or CT Black Gold, was built by Lexus China — I received some additional information on this concept:

Q: What is the concept of CT BG show car?

A: The concept of this car is Boldness and Edginess, to show a Dark and Wild side of CT.

Q: What is the purpose of CT BG Concept Project?

A: With the market is getting younger and more sporty oriented, we wanted to seize this opportunity to inject more eye-catching and WOW factors into CT200h, as well as a try-out for market acceptance on the carbon fiber part & accessory. In the future, we are planning to develop more sporty special editions based on this concept.

Q: When is Lexus planning to launch this sporty special edition?

A: Currently, we are accessing the true potential of the demand in sporty hatch back market, and we will launch this special edition based on the concept at the appropriate timing.