Ultrasonic Blue Lexus NX F SPORT Spotted in Madrid

Lexus NX Ultrasonic Blue

Lexus Europe is testing the NX compact crossover in Madrid this week, and an Ultrasonic Blue NX F SPORT was one of the test models:

Lexus NX Ultrasonic Blue

Lexus NX Ultrasonic Blue

Seeing the NX in blue shows me two things: the IS influenced the design more than I realized, and the NX is going to look great in darker colors.

(I like the Hyper Black wheel option as well — interesting design pattern.)

[Source: Lexus Europe]


  1. I'm starting to like this more and more when i first saw it i thought it was crazy looking.. but now i like it i like the edgy aggressive look. Def stands out compared to everything else in the class. The F-Sport has a better front end then the base model. The wheels on these look good as well.
  2. As I said before, SUV's are not my type of car even if I like, but this one is really very good. Design is just the best in market.
  3. I've got the same feeling: the NX with a dark color! It reminds me of a dark gray color (almost black), once available for the IS second generation, at the beginning of the release. Someone knows the name ?
  4. I knew the USB would look great on the NX. The more I see the NX is the more I want to own one, Lexus really pulled off the design with this one.
  5. Abosulutely stunning , darker colour NX is looking proper. I feel the need to own one.
  6. USB looks stunning in brighter daylight instead of overcast conditions. The NX looks great in USB yet the shots were not ideal.
  7. okay lexus is not kidding now. man im not into such cars but this car dammmmn! These an IS influence somewhere in its design, yet it doesn't look like the IS. good fkng job lexus!
  8. Totally agree. Just makes me want to own one. It looks more special than the Porsche Macan.
  9. Krew, why tease me with these pics. Us Americans can't get the NX F Sport Hybrid which that blue vehicle is. I'm very sad about that. VERY SAD! You never confirmed if we were going to get that as an option Btw, but I'm assuming we will not.
  10. this or the ultra white i cant decide
  11. Is it F-sport or Hybrid? it's got F-sport grill and F badge on a front quarter panel, but the rear door has a hybrid badge, and the license plates say NX300h
  12. Im lovin this NX! That Ultrasonic blue is just awesome..
  13. i really wanna see it in Matte Grey!