More Photos of the White Lexus RC F with Carbon Fiber Package

The white Lexus RC F with full carbon fiber package has made a couple appearances in the last few weeks, starting with a visit to INTERSECT in Tokyo — here’s a full gallery from the Lexus International Facebook page:

The RC F was also on display at the Beijing Motor Show — here’s a selection of images from Japanese website Carwatch:

There’s also a photo gallery from Chinese website Autohome:

(Worth mentioning that the carbon fiber hood is only available as an option outside North America.)


  1. Definitely will need a new bigger house w/ garage to match. #priorities #wantit
  2. Jay

    Waiting for GS-F. Hate to buy this car and then the GS-F come out. Love the back stacked up exhaust pipes with small grill in the middle.
    • Apples to oranges. GS-F would be a big and heavy saloon. A completely different driving experience. I would buy RC-F because I want a relatively smaller sports car.
    • The GS is rhe lightest in its class, and the RC, breing based on IS/GS is quite heavy for its class.
    • C63 and RS5 both weigh more than the RC-F. Only M4 is lighter, but it is lighter by no more than 150 - 200 lbs at the most.
  3. I need that job at Lexus, I love my ISF and my IS 350 Fsport, but the RCF is definitely on my list and the GSF when it comes out. How could I forget my biggest crush, the LFA. Oh boy, I need a another job!
    • Yes working for Lexus was the best...I miss it. Every employee gets their choice of a a "payroll lease" basically a company lease. Get any car of your choice, wasn't credit based just as long as you were an active employee. I still have family working there they get a new car every 24-36 months.
  4. Is the standard hood Aluminum?
    • Likely, it is on the IS at least. The weight difference between the carbon fiber hood vs aluminum is negligible. I think it's more for looks.
  5. Gitmo Orange
  6. Comparing the headlights/daylights with the NX implementation, and I know why I still don't like how the front is working-out.
  7. Outstanding!! When cars are no longer cars but works of art. And people wonder why I'm OBSESSED with LEXUS. "But it's just a glorified Toyota" Exactly.