Details on the First Lexus LFA Owners Club Meet in Japan

Lexus LFA Hero Image Owners Club

Last weekend in Japan, 22 LFAs and 23 LFA owners participated in the inaugural meeting of the Lexus LFA Owners Club. The meet took place at the Lexus College campus inside of the Fuji Speedway.

LFA Chief Engineer Tanahashi Haruhiko was in attendance, and the event was memorialized with a ceremonial planting of a Youkou-zakura Japanese Cherry tree and lunch at Tanta Roba del Museo Gotemba — here’s a photo gallery from the meet:

Here’s a quick video showing the cars in formation:

The Lexus LFA Owners Club is an informal group of owners coming together to celebrate the limited edition Lexus supercar — if this first event is any indication, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from them in the future.

(Thanks Robert!)


  1. What's that Corvette doing there??
  2. Geathering 22 LFAs is the world record I think!
  3. There are a total of 165 LFAs in Japan ever sold so still way short of the total number of LFAs owners in Japan.
  4. Lol there's a black Vette in there!
  5. Damn, so many white ones with red interior lol.
  6. Wow, that's a whole lot of $$$ in one place. 165 LFAs in Japan? Must be some rich guys there with a ton of disposable income.