Lexus NX Compact Crossover Revealed Early by French Magazine

Lexus NX Revealed

Scans of an article from French magazine L’Automobile have revealed the Lexus NX compact crossover before its official debut:

The scans, which were posted earlier today on Club Lexus & World Car Fans, show a production NX that sticks close to the LF-NX concept — much of the exterior body work mirrors the concept, right down to the aggressive side folds in the doors.

It’s hard to draw many conclusions from these post stamp sized images, but there’s going to be plenty to discuss later today — according to Club Lexus, the official photos will be posted tonight at 11pm EST/8pm PST.

[Source: L’Automobile Magazine via Club Lexus & World Car Fans]


  1. Did the stylish red seats, and the Spindle Grille motif moves inside to the center console for the first time! Great job by Lexus, but still wish the crossover looked more like the concept, which was a perfectly over the top for F-Sport trim..... BD
  2. Damn! dat ass. Well Played Lexus
  3. yes it is the F-sport. Has the mesh grill, and badges on the fenders and steering wheel, plus it has the aluminum pedals. very nice looking car, cant wait to see better pics
  4. Damn it looks fantastic! I LOVE the rear end!
  5. IS SUV! Looks pretty legit. Now when will that Turbo be available in the IS?
  6. As much as I liked the concept,I like the production car even more. And the interior is perfect.
  7. I love, love, love, love the RX. Have from day one. However, this one might have to grow on me a bit and get a real view... Not quite a fan of any of it.
  8. Looks like a home run! Stayed true to the concept! And great to see a red interior option!
  9. interior is absolutly beautiful. mybe better pictures will get me exited about the exterior not now
    • Yeah, I don't want to dig too deep on these little photos -- don't show enough detail.
    • it looks like it lost one thing that the concept had going for it. something up there in the silhouse going to the rear, await better clear photos. it most definetly going to look different on the road. but i fear the new baby porche
  10. Lexus is on a roll, they are constantly introducing amazingly attractive cars/suvs. Dual exhaust will look amazing on this!
  11. The first official pictures (and a short press relase) will arrive within a couple of hours. (Not because of the leak.)
  12. Any known time on when they are making the official announcement? Their time zone or any American.
  13. Ray

    The exterior looks awesome. No complain esp the front fascia. Terrible dash design. The screen is not integrated in the centre dashboard. I am aware that merc, audi do have a poop up screen, that's just hideous imho.
    • I know it's unlikely, but the screen looks like it could slide into the dash the way it's designed. I'd like that.
  14. Jay

    Not sure I'm liking the black color side mirrors. I wouldn't see any logic behind it why it's not the same colour as the rest of the car?? We'll have to wait n see the official pics if its the same...
  15. I know this is a Lexus enthusiast site, and I'm a Lexus enthusiast, but I feel like this is Emperor's got no clothes situation. To be charitable, this thing is hideous.
    • Hard to be too judgmental when we're looking at pure awful photos. Let's wait for the first real images.
  16. Lexus Engineering Amazing! BD
  17. I guess the next RX will be bigger then because this looks like an RX-replacement.
    • Given Lexus will create a new unibody GX replacement in a couple of years, the TX, I don't see the RX changing too much. It will need to leave room above it for the TX to work. The RX will be continue to be based off the Highlander platform, which grew about 3 inches in it's redesign, but I wouldn't expect major changes to that successful formula. Maybe a 3rd row option, but it doesn't need it..... BD
    • I believe Lexus has to do something about the interior though because the NX interior trumps the current RX right now.
  18. 1999 GS 300 was my last Lexus purchase (September 9, 1999; 4 miles on it). Today it has 158,797 miles. This NX WILL BE my next Lexus hands down. I've been waiting a long time for the next great evolution in their SUV lineup. I couldn't be happier. Which one you ask - the 300H. I can't justify getting the F Series just because. BUT considering that I keep my cars for 15 years, should I go all out? Anyone for input?
    • I also keep my car until the very end. I say if you can go afford it, why not. That's what my thinking was when ordered my GS in Jan. of '13. "Go big or go home" :p
    • To me, it depends on the F SPORT suspension settings -- if it's as stiff as the RX F SPORT, I would likely go with standard NX.
    • Also, I'd prefer to option out a standard NX rather than limit myself to whatever packages are available for the NX F SPORT.
    • Exactly! I couldn't agree more. Thanks for the input.
  19. Lexus interiors of late are truly spectacular. Few observations: 1) Lexus RTI touchpad can be seen in the dash shot. 2) The clock, unlike other models, is not between the air vents. Rather, what appears to be aircon displays are placed on either side. 3) Two tone IS F-Sport style seats (red and black) 4) RC style steering wheel (buttons in square layout, rather than the circular layout found in IS and CT. What baffles me is why the gear lever is nearer to the passenger side. Surely, it ought to be nearer to the driver. And, the display zone and control zone aren't as distinct.
  20. This should allow the 2016 Lexus RX to get 3-4 inches bigger, and move up toward $45k in base price. I think they should keep the Hybrid under $50k. I expect this to cut RX sales down from 100k a year to 75k a year, but will grow the brand, and attract younger buyers. Lexus has done a great job of gaining quick acceptance of the Spindle Grille, and with every redesign, attracting a younger, affluent audience..... BD