Autos Canada Comparison: Lexus GS 350 AWD vs. Cadillac CTS 3.6 AWD

Lexus GS 350 AWD vs Cadillac CTS 3.6 AWD

Autos Canada conducted a comparison between the Lexus GS 350 AWD and Cadillac CTS 3.6 AWD:

It’s easy to assume the Lexus – especially in this “Luxury Package” trim and not fitted with the F-Sport’s variable suspension – would be the soft, roly-poly competitor in this test.  And while the Lexus’ ride is notably better (the Cadillac was prone to crash uncomfortably over some of the nasty winter-borne pot holes and frost heaves we encountered), it is in no way a slouch in the handling department.  Showcasing the efforts the engineers put into the GS’s suspension development, the Lexus maintains remarkable control for such a comfortable machine on the twisty bits of road.

Having proven to us at that the Lexus GS 350 is at least as good or better than the most talked about car in the category right now means it not only deserves to win this comparison test, but it also deserves to find a home in far more Canadian buyers’ garages.

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  1. I'll take a GS AWD over any Audi a6 Quattro anytime anyday. Basically because when it comes to reliability Lexus is the best and Audi is the worst but also because the GS has a dramatic styling while the a6 looks like a fat Jetta especially from the rear end.
  2. $17k more for the CTS? Really? Every day their hustlin'! You'd have to be a total noob to pay even money, much less a new car more to get the CTS over the GS.... BD
  3. Thanks for the laugh Krew! :p They lost me after this line "It should be stated that each Cadillac and Lexus could do well by studying the industry-best infotainment systems found in contemporary Audis and BMWs."
  4. $13K more for the Caddy??? Very poor value proposition. Lexus wins here without a doubt.
  5. Unfortunately, the new GS is virtually a no show on Toronto streets. Why people don't want to buy this car here is beyond me
  6. The Lexus GS is has always been one of the most underrated cars in car history!