Lexus Canada Replaces Standard RX with new 2015 RX SPORTDESIGN


In a bold move, Lexus Canada will stop selling the standard RX, replacing it with the new 2015 RX SPORTDESIGN.

The RX SPORTDESIGN appears to share the same front-end design as Lexus USA’s Sport Appearance package, which merges the default RX grille with elements of the RX F SPORT.

(I like this new SPORTDESIGN much better than the standard RX — really fits with the new brand direction.)

Read more about the Lexus RX SPORTDESIGN


  1. I definitely think the US should follow...
  2. We have this one i Norway (Europe) as the F-Style type.
  3. america is so boring
  4. Nice though base price went up $4.5K (now $50.6K) though it now includes sunroof, leather and memory seats. This also tells me Lexus Canada is making room to price the upcoming '15 NX, my guess being in the low 40Ks Cdn.
    • Hey corradoMR2, what you predicted makes sense. :) Canadian market is smaller and they can't afford too much internal sales cannibalization between RX and NX.