Lexus Looking to Expand in Europe

Lexus International Vice President Mark Templin

The Lexus UK blog has an interview with International vice-president Mark Templin, and it’s filled with notable quotes:

“The company has put a lot of resources into Lexus. Finally we are doing the things I wish we had done ten years ago,” he says with a smile.

Templin, a straight- and fast-talking American, should know. He’s worked at Lexus for 25 years and watched the growing pains of a company that at times in its past has lacked decisive direction.

“Our goal is not to grow really fast, but to grow in a slow, methodical and steady way over a long, long period of time,” he says.

Some of the most interesting discussion centers around Lexus in Europe:

“We were building cars that were successful in the US, Russia, Mid-East and Japan. Those are enormous markets. But we never had the right product mix to meet European demands, until recently,” says Templin.

Templin is masterminding the global development of Lexus, and one of his jobs is to boost sales in Europe and the Middle East to catch up with the US.

“We have a great position in the US and now is the time to develop our new models and range of cars for a global audience,” he says.

The focus on hybrid technology has made the brand a compelling alternative to its German competitors in Europe — with a model like the NX coming to market, there’s a real opportunity to start building some momentum.

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