More Photos of the White Lexus RC F with Carbon Fiber Package

Lexus RC F Carbon Fiber Package

The carbon fiber Lexus RC F first spotted on a Japanese TV show has set up shop at INTERSECT in Tokyo — Lexus Europe shared some photos on Facebook:

Lexus RC F Carbon Fiber Front

Lexus RC F Carbon Fiber Rear Front

Lexus RC F Carbon Fiber Rear

(Worth mentioning that the carbon fiber hood is only available as an option outside North America.)

[Source: Lexus Europe Facebook]


  1. We were honored to have Lexus Europe share a few of our photos from MyLexusTech yesterday.
  2. oohh thats bad looking.... so no thanks to CF pkg for me.
  3. WANT!!! One thing, I think the hood should have been painted on the sides just to the left and right of the top of the grille to meet up with the body lines running back to the windshield. Like so!
  4. This car is crying out for a good looking set of wheels.
  5. Like the CF roof, but not the CF hood since the lines it makes do not flow with the hood creases joining the spindle grill.
  6. Carbon hood looks like crap