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First Live Photo of Full Lexus RC F Carbon Fiber Package

The latest episode of Japanese television show Super GT Plus featured the very first live look at the Lexus RC F in its full carbon fiber performance package — so far, this is the only image I’ve seen from the show:

Lexus RC F Carbon Fiber Thumb

This RC F looks to be the same model featured in the official launch photos — clearly visible is the carbon fiber hood, an RC F option only available outside North America.

(Did anyone see this episode? Better yet, did anyone record this episode? Post in the comments!)

[Via: LEMS Japan Facebook Page]

JapanLexus RC F: First Generation
That #BEAST will NEVER get old... MAN I'M in LOVE! #LexusTheBrandOfTheYear
  • D
  • March 10, 2014
This looks awesome! Those animated pictures they posted made the carbon fiber package undesirable but these live pictures make me want it more than anything! haha Lexus really needs to stop with those "life-like" animated car pictures. They keep throwing me off. Anyways, cannot wait to see this is person :)
  • L
    Lasse J. Nordvik
  • March 10, 2014