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Lexus CTh: First GenerationUnited Kingdom

Interview with Lexus CT Chief Engineer Chika Kako

Lexus CT Chief Engineer Chika Kako

The Lexus UK blog has an interview with Chika Kako, the chief engineer of the updated CT 200h and the very first female chief engineer in the Lexus brand’s history:

How did consumer feedback shape the improvements that have been made to the CT?

Chika Kako: Some customers complained about the CVT noise, and to solve that, we worked on defining the best balance between engine noise and vehicle speed for a more linear feeling (when moving through the rev range). There has been a big improvement in mpg performance also.

What steps have been taken to move interior quality and on-board technology forward?

CK:  One improvement is visual refinement, for example the style of the gearshift leather and additional interior ornamentation. Improving quietness has helped interior feeling, along with the sporty (exhaust) note.

Read the full interview with CT CE Chika Kako

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  • March 14, 2014
I'm still a little confused on the CT I guess, I thought all F-sport models were getting the blacked out roof? Or is that just a NA/USA model thing? All of the few that we've had in here at the dealership have had it, but in this picture, I see that obnoxious red all over.