Interview with Lexus RC F Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi

Lexus RC F Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi

As mentioned earlier this week, Lexus RC F chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi participated in a Q&A during the Geneva Motor Show, answering questions from enthusiasts about the new Lexus high-performance coupe.

The final interview has been posted by Lexus Europe — here’s some of the questions Yaguchi-san answered:

Erich Kerner: Is the RC F Coupe developed to add a convertible in the near future?? Keep up the great work Lexus!!

Yukihiko Yaguchi: Thank you! We do not discuss future product development plans, but the new RC F is incredibly strong so a convertible would be possible.

Abed Haj Yihia: Why is the RC F so heavy? Because of its weight the IS F was beaten in every comparison against the M3.

Well Abed, firstly, a lot of strengthening was required to meet very strict US crash requirements. However, this strength (in the form of extra thick rocker panels and use of body adhesives for the chassis) make the RC F great fun to drive. And it is worth remembering, even the LFA looked a little heavy on paper, but proved to be one of the best cars ever built.

Lexus RC F Chief Engineer Yaguchi in Full

Jethro Hayes: Is there going to be a RC F CCS-R?

Good question, we are thinking about it (smiling).

Jethro Hayes: Is there going to be a GTE racecar for Le Mans?

We are thinking about this too (still smiling).

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