BEYOND Magazine: Roadtrip with the Lexus IS 300h

Lexus IS Beyond Magazine

Official Lexus publication BEYOND Magazine has a featured road trip across the Shikoku island in Japan with architect Hironaka Ogawa and a Ultrasonic Blue IS 300h F SPORT:

The journey that Ogawa is embarking on across the island of Shikoku begins here, and a metallic blue Lexus IS is peacefully parked outside. The vehicle’s bright tone contrasts against the stained cedar exterior of the Sundial House and the green paddy fields that nip at its ankles.

The meeting of the hand of man and Mother Nature creates a striking tableau—perhaps fitting when you consider how the award-winning, Tokyo-based architect has forged a reputation by essentially using nature as a building material in many of his designs.

Read the full story at BEYOND Magazine


  1. Change the article title to '... Lexus IS300h' rather than just '300h'
  2. Unfortunately Lexus usa doesn't offer this beautiful colour on the new IS.
    • And this hybrid version has exhausts :-) Which is not possible in the EU (UK, GE, FR, BE, NL, ...) Nevertheless strange decisions.
  3. I'm OIFius and say that the blue F-Sport is not a 300h. It looks like the badging says '350' and then it's got exhausts sticking out too.
  4. Lexus, why u no offer "Japanese" delivery?