Lexus IS Nominated for 2014 World Car of the Year Award

Lexus IS World Car of the Year

The Lexus IS has been nominated for the prestigious 2014 World Car of the Year award.

The twelve finalists are the Audi A3, BMW 4 Series, BMW i3, Cadillac CTS, Citroen C4 Picasso, Ford Fusion, Infiniti Q50, Jeep Cherokee, Lexus IS, Mazda3, Peugeot 308 and the Skoda Octavia.

The IS has also been nominated for the World Car Design of the Year award.

A group of 69 automotive journalists from around the world will decide the winners, which will be announced at the New York autoshow on Thursday, April 17.

See the full list of World Car of the Year Nominees


  1. The 3, CTS, and IS are my top 3 in no order.
  2. driving a 250awd currently. I'm very impressed that I'm not wanting for the 350 as much as anticipated. good job but can't wait for the debut of the 200t
  3. I can narrow this down easily, the Lexus IS and the 4 series and the Lexus will definitely win.Everything else is garbage.
  4. thanks for share
  5. Again WOW the IS has been winning the whole time... I guess Lexus did it (took OVER the 3-Series) good to go Lexus WAIT WAIT BMW ... STILL more to GO RCF is so READY to get out of it's CAGE :p
  6. Looks great in that red paint and on the track !