Lexus IS 300h Finishes First in Real-World Gas Mileage Test

Lexus IS What Car?

UK magazine What Car? has compared the real-world gas mileage of five luxury sports sedans and found the Lexus IS 300h to deliver the best results.

The IS 300h, which is officially rated at 64.2 mpg in Britain, returned 59.6 mpg in the What Car? test. The Mercedes C220 CDI, despite having an official rating of 68.9 mpg, finished second with 57.5 real-world mpg.

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  1. Well done, Lexus! Besides: forget official ratings of MPG and put down values by around 20%. Regards, Lexusman
  2. And what's more impressive is that diesel contains about 15% more energy than gasolene per galon. Which means that the IS300h is about 20% more energy-efficient than the closest diesel. Not to mention the superior refinment over the clattery diesels. Impressive indeed!
  3. Too bad we don't get the IS 300h in N. America. Nice win for the IS !
  4. I don't really like hybrids but this one is an exception
  5. It's no secret that the Germans all have faux and extremly overstated MPG ratings.