Lexus RC F in Black, Gray, Red & Yellow

Lexus RC F in Black

How will the Lexus RC F look in colors other than Ultrasonic Blue? Lexus Enthusiast Facebook fan Alaa Tarawneh sent in these photoshopped samples:

While I’m not sure yellow is necessary no matter what the competition is doing, the RC F in black is going to be hard to beat — just plain mean looking.

(Thanks Alaa!)


  1. ALL these colors look good. The car just looks mean and the looks has grown on me alot now since when I first saw it. The yellow is interesting... are these offical pics of the car in this color or photoshopped
  2. They should expand their colour palette to include some LFA inspired colors. I think a nurburgring package orange or IS-F CCS-R orange would be cool. Likewise with a matte black.
    • Not just the color. I wonder if Lexus will be a RCF CCS-R or just build a more light weight hard core version of the RCF
  3. The yellow is actually ok. Obsidian on the other hand is my enemy, had a 250 Fsport and those swirls made me crazy, I had to trade it and ended up with the other colour I hated, white!
  4. Ivory Pearl ,Nebula Pearl gray,bottle pearl green these would be my choices.
  5. Black looks like a sleeper lol
  6. I want the Pearl Red and Steel Blue from the LFA nurburgring edition
  7. I just realized.. where is the famous Lexus PEARL WHITE ??
  8. This is how I would do it... :)