Car & Driver Preview of the Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F Car & Driver

Information on the Lexus RC F just keeps on coming, with some interesting new details in Car & Driver’s coverage of the new high-performance coupe:

[Chief Engineer Yukihiko] Yaguchi tells us that rather than Lexus developing the standard model first and then modifying it to meet performance targets, that the RC and the RC F were developed simultaneously. Each car had its own dedicated development team, but the standard group was given design and construction conditions so as to allow for the F model.

Lexus tells us that a carbon-fiber package will be available, which will include a roof and spoiler made from the lightweight weave, and in certain countries that aren’t abbreviated “U.S.,” a carbon-fiber hood.

Car & Driver also posted up my favorite photos of the coupe so far, here’s a small selection:

Closing out their coverage, there’s also this nicely done video:

The RC F certainly presents itself very well — definitely worth reading the article and checking the full photo gallery.

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