Video: Autoguide Tour of the Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F Badge

Autoguide also had an advance look at the Lexus RC F, and have released a video with some nice footage:

(While expected, I’m very impressed with how Lexus has used the IS F as a template for the RC F — the design elements like the giant hood, the side vents, and quad exhausts come together with a very distinct look, and it’s now much easier to picture other Lexus F models.)


  1. It looks better in the video then in pictures ! Even this dorky guy called it stunning... he is clueless about the power figure if Lexus say its the most power V8 ever made why would you say at least 416hp ?
  2. That sonic blue paint really is stunning,not to mention this car is freakin gorgeous! Without question my next Lexus, I've been saving up for this beauty, and I want it now!! This dork in the video btw has so much MISINFORMATION WTF!!
  3. Motor Trend is spouting 480 normally aspirated thoroughbreds with differential torque vectoring. The 7300 redline should spool up some sweet music. This will be harnessed by 15 inch Brembo grooved and not drilled discs. Next i want to see the interior in nightime mode. Full gallop in Bimmer search mode.....
  4. I can never look at the non F RC the same ever again. Just seems wimpy now
  5. I have liked many cars in my life, but the RC F is the first that makes me want it without second guessing. I have never liked a car so much in my life. This is moving art with a V8 (Thank the heavens). I have always been a fan of black exterior and red interior, but this blue is a must-have on this car.
    • "the RC F is the first car that makes me want it without second guessing" I hear ya and that is exactly how I need to feel when buying a car like this. Lexus has inspired me to feel like this three times in the past but it has been a long eight years since the last time. This car has given me back the faith I so sorely felt like I was loosing. Thank you Lexus!~ :)
  6. This has to be my first car just imagine how sweet that v8 must sound on the highway o Lord ... This RC is beautiful sophisticated all at the time.. Am very proud of that Lexus team that had a hand in this car ... hopefully this year we see a convertible and an F Sport option just for people who can't get their hands on this beautiful work of art