Motor Trend Feature on the Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F Badge

Motor Trend has more details on the Lexus RC F, starting with additional information on 5.0L V8 engine:

This engine shares only its basic cylinder block with that of the outgoing IS F sedan. The cylinder heads and all moving parts are completely new. Friction reductions allow the engine to rev 500 rpm faster than the IS F’s, to 7300 rpm. A switch to electric phasing on all four cams brings greater variability and precision, and lets the engine borrow the Prius’ more efficient Atkinson cycle operation during low-demand cruising conditions.

Drop the hammer, and those valves shut in time to give you the full 12.3:1 compression (up from 11.8:1) and 5.0 liters of furious power — 480 horses’ worth (up substantially from the IS F’s 416). A newly modified version of the current D4S direct-injection with secondary port injection helps make all this work.

While most publications are stating the engine will generate more than 450hp, Motor Trend has upped the ante, claiming the V8 will be upwards of 480hp. That’s a significant difference, and one that seems unlikely given the singular source of the information.

One disappointing detail in the Motor Trend article is not specific to the RC F, but has to do with the new Remote Touch touch interface:

Making its debut on the RC is a new infotainment controller that swaps the old haptic mouse for a haptic touchpad. You can’t write letters on it with your fingers like in an Audi, but as you swipe across it, the pad provides vibrations and feedback to ease menu selections.

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