Lexus IS F SPORT Nominated in 2013 Most Beautiful Car of the Year Awards

Lexus Beautiful Car World

The Lexus IS F SPORT has been nominated in the 2013 Most Beautiful Car of the Year awards, an annual contest held by Festival Automobile International & Euro Sport.

Public voting will determine the winner, which means you can get involved — be sure to vote before December 26th to help the IS F SPORT make it into the semi-finals.

Vote for the Lexus IS in the Most Beautiful Car Awards


  1. hope they also nominate the toyota ft86. That car is a hella of a looker, it never fails to turn heads
    • Please forget Toyota here! Not comparable to Lexus. Mike
    • lol it one brand. good news for toyota is also good news for lexus. They get alot of money from selling a lot of the toyota models to make quality lexus. plus if they like the ft86, this is good news for the RC, as these two do share some design cues
    • Hey Leo! We all know that, but some of our Lexus-fans do not like Toyota at all. Wow and look, Leo: this is also possible! Huh Huh ;) Can' belive it? Besides, in Europe, Toyota is horrible bad in terms of sales figures and even not cheap as Skoda. Also, Toyota design is not the yellow from the egg.... Mike
    • lol Toyota dominates the the middle east, they dominate Africa, they dominate Asia and America in terms of sales that almost 80% of the world. the only place they not doing great is Europe. even Europe cant keep their hands off the ft86. and if toyota started designing really good looking cars. They would put many out of business
  2. It's why I own one! :) It will have tough competition against the Alfa 4C though.
  3. This beauty will win
  4. The new IS looks nice in white
  5. I think Lexus should make all the F and Fsport models have the full spindle grille like the IS Fsport. That full spindle grille is amazing!