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Lexus IS in Atomic Silver Wins Japanese Color Award

The Atomic Silver/Sonic Titanium exterior color & Topaz Brown interior color offered on the Lexus IS has won the 2014 Auto Color award from the Japan Fashion Color Association, which may be the strangest award the sedan will win this year.

(In all seriousness, the Atomic Silver/Sonic Titanium exterior color is a great addition to the Lexus color palette — hope to see it on other models in the near future.)

Read more about the 2014 Auto Color Awards

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  • December 17, 2013
I'm in the UK. After much consideration and with not a little worry I ordered Sonic Titanium with Dark Rose seats when I ordered my IS300h F sport in March 2013. I didn't take delivery until the beginning of October. My supplying dealer had not seen one with this combination but like me they thought it a brilliant choice. Sonic Titanium is a fabulous colour. No photograph can reflect it accurately with the nuances of light and shade. It also stays looking reasonably clean in our UK dismal wet winter weather. I am glad it won this award as it is the best car colour I have ever had. And I would recommend it unquestionably to anyone who is not sure.
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    Tragic Bronson
  • December 29, 2013
Is Topaz Brown the Flaxen interior color in North America? Still scratching the head why Lexus USA isn't offering the Atomic Silver on the F-Sport.