Photo Gallery: Lexus IS F in Matte Gray

Lexus IS F in Matte Grey

The folks at Spinelli Lexus in Quebec sent in some photos of a matte gray IS F — they must know I’m a sucker for this color:

The signature IS F elements (like the giant fender vents and massive hood) have aged well over the years — going to be interesting to see how the new F model debuting at the Detroit Auto Show builds on the design.

(Thanks Vincent!)


  1. I really like this color, I'm getting tired of seeing the matte black.
  2. wait wait wait... so the outgoing model still doesn't have LED tail-lights while the 2IS MMC has them?!
    • It has LED tail-lights (incl. brake-light)! Why not? Amber-light is halogen as I changed them to LED yesterday: I drive an 2006 IS. Regards Mike
  3. Nice car and it has aged gracefully. I was planning on getting an ISF but the GS Fsport stole my heart.