Beyond Magazine Feature on the Lexus LS

Lexus LS Feature in Beyond Magazine

There’s a feature on the Lexus LS in the latest issue of Beyond Magazine, and the story has just been published online:

The LS finally launched in the United States in 1989, to almost universal media acclaim. Its bulletproof reliability, great value specification and whisper-quiet cabin, as well as Lexus’s superior customer service, allowed it to take on and outdo the offerings of older and more established European and US brands, notably in sales success. In many ways, this first-generation LS has been the template for Lexus ever since, as it expanded to become a global brand with a range that grew to include smaller sedans, coupes and SUVs.

The original LS was rightly lauded, but the model marked only the first step in the car’s evolution. In the subsequent 20 years, the sedan developed in both power and sophistication, repeatedly shaking up the market with innovations in performance and design.

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  1. When does the next generation LS come? It has to be well ahead the new S Class and the coming 7 Series as A8. It also needs new engines, like turbo charged V6 and V8.
    • @Levi: I agree, this is currently an old car with diabolo grille. Well, however, I disagree according to engines. Forget thirsty V6/V8, even americans must come to the conclusion that high MPGs and lower emissions (CO2, i.e.) are the key as in Europe for instance. Therefore, what will sound nice to me: LS300h LS450h LS600h Mercedes, BMW and AUDI are to catch-up in hybride technology as they are not stupid. That means a real threat to LEXUS sooner or later. So, Lexus: take care! What's next if they are to outnumber your sales? Regards, Marco
    • Of course, I totally agree. But a Turbo I4 with hybrid (for GS300h) would be better, I guess, than NA V6 with hybrid.
    • Hi Levi, thanks for reply. Right, I think a new generation of engines should finally appear with the next LS around 2016: LS300th (turbo-hybrid) LS450h LS600h And for F-Sports: LS450th, LS600ht Turbo-Hybrid sounds fine. Well, and for 2022 then, why not using Toyotas FCHV hydrogen engine instead of petrol? ;) Regards, Marco
    • Calendar year 2015, due to what appears to be various developmental delays. You will at least beginning seeing LS production-body LHD prototypes sometime during the second half of next year, pointing towards a 2015 launch. My own opinion is: They possibly may or may not preview it with a lightly veiled concept at Paris 2014. It's too bad they did not make it in time for a 25th anniversary introduction at NAIAS 2014, to celebrate Lexus and LS (400).
  2. The first LS had the greatest impact in its segment (or the entire automotive industry for that matter) versus any other LS than came after it. The next LS in 2-3 years from now has to have the same ground-breaking launch to beat the sophisticated and opulent '14 S-class.
    • That is quite too long, as within 12 months everyone will know at least 60% about it. Having been wrong about the facelift, I did some research and question asking, finally getting a 2015 launch date for it's replacement.
    • I totally agree and really hope that some extensive research and development will impress us, as did the LS 400. I owned the '93 LS 400 and what a solid hunk of technology that was. Have had many LS versions since and that was the best built car on the planet. I'm hoping LEXUS pulls this off again !
    • I second that. The first LS 400 was really the best in segment, the only plus for the two German was a status V12. But at the end it has no technical advantage over Lexus' V8. I hope the next Lexus will blow everything out of the water, even Bentley and Rolls Royce, and be the greatest technological leap the world has ever seen. I know that Lexus can do that, the LFA is proof for it.