The Telegraph Reviews the Lexus GS 300h

Lexus GS 300h Review by The Telegraph

Andrew English of The Telegraph has reviewed the Lexus GS 300h, and believes the 2.5L hybrid sedan compares favorably with its competition:

This latest GS might not be as sporty or exciting as Lexus suggests, but it’s not bad and is at least on a par with its occasionally quite raucous 2.0-litre diesel German rivals. The ride quality is really good – soft, but never floating, with a Sport + setting firming the damping and (pointlessly and weirdly) the on-centre steering weight. The more tautly suspended F-Sport model might be a little too much for Lexus’s traditional customers, but it’s quite fun.

A GS you want to drive? Actually yes, and well priced, too. Fuel economy just got a bit more entertaining.

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