Lexus RC F, Illustrated

Lexus RC F Illustration

Building off the teaser photo released this week, Leftlane News has created an illustration of what the new Lexus RC F might look like — here it is in higher resolution:

Lexus RC F Ilustration

It’s certainly a valiant attempt, though I have to think the RC F will retain the standard RC’s 3-L headlights and separated daytime running lights — hoping the front end is a little sharper as well.

What do you think?

[Source: Leftlane News]


  1. Almost, but...the headlight is off the mark. They should add some bulging in the hood, just look at the camo'ed rcf.
  2. Here is a quick chop..
  3. Goodness that roofline is the best design of this car. Hydai and Kia are so going to be busy copying these lexus's. Lexus always get coppied faster then other brands and the copy cats somehow allways menneges to get away with it
  4. I agree about the separation of the headlight, but there is likely to be two options similar to every other model; an LED option and standard ones as used here and in photos released by Lexus.
    • Sigh~ LOL I like DuDe's version; if it's done like that I would get one. Spindle looks just about perfect and I like the lower side intakes. Some may not like the triple LED headlamps but I love them and think they go well with the design.
  5. Hope it looks better than this
  6. It just hit me... 'Ghidorah'