Photo Gallery: 2014 Lexus CT F SPORT with Redline Exterior

Lexus CT 200h in Redline Exterior Color

On display at the San Francisco Auto Show was this 2014 Lexus CT 200h F SPORT in the brand new Redline exterior color — here are some photos from Kaizen Factor:

This new Redline color looks much brighter than Matador Red Mica, it almost looks like the same tone as the red offered on the LFA — one thing’s for sure, the new wheel design is definitely inspired by the Lexus supercar.

(Thanks Ryan!)


  1. Nice front! Should last until 2016. Hopefully new CTs with 200t and 300h! Regards,
  2. The most beautiful car in it's segment, but it would be even better if there is more POWER as the GTI :D **Opinion**
  3. This looks incredibly amazing. I need to get another red Lexus, maybe the RC 350 Fsport.
  4. B

    Finally! Plain red!
  5. I also noticed the addition of the armpad. Not sure if that was available as a dealer option in North America (seen some people order it). It's a very nice red. Very similar to the 2014 Absolute Red from Scion but I'm aware it's probably a better paint process.
  6. Nice colour, grille and wheels. Sadly there isn't much they could do with the rather dumpy rear end (nothing like the sleek concept they produced way back). I probably also still has the same ridiculously small trunk, plasticky interior and "press-and-nothing-happens" accelerator pedal. Bring on the replacement!
  7. Hopefully the facelift will lift CT sales...that CLA is currently the newest Gucci bag; the new A3 is next. Otherwise, that CT Turbo and other variants need to be out now.
  8. The IS F sport needs to come in this color and Ultrasonic blue.