New Lexus IS F SPORT Body Kit from LX Mode

LX Mode Body Kit for Lexus IS

Japanese tuner LX Mode has created a collection of new modifications for the 2014 Lexus IS:

All the modifications together on one vehicle seems like overkill, but there’s some decent individual pieces — I don’t mind the look of the carbon fiber headlight insert and the thin-line LED above the (non-USA spec) foglight.

[Source: LX Mode]


  1. I always love LX mode and feel that they are the most normal logic upgrading
  2. That tiny LED looks tacky.
  3. Sorry, not my taste. It's all a bit too tacky. Lip spoiler isn't half bad
  4. A lot of neat ideas, but in my opinion everything all at once is a bit tacky. I'm sure it would look better as people pick and choose out the options above.
  5. The whole is far weaker than the sum of the parts. Not for me.
  6. tom

    For anyone who has decided that they do not like the large single grill, the horizontal panel will break that up and make it look more like the other Lexus models. Personally I like that, but it is subjective of course, and aside from it, I don't really like the rest.
  7. I like the headlight inserts and the bumper grille.