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The Art of Driving by Lexus & Wallpaper Magazine

Lexus IS Art Installation with Wallpaper Magazine

Lexus Europe & Wallpaper Magazine collaborated with two artists to create a pair of one-off art installations built around the new IS 300h.

Cristina Parreño

Lexus IS 300h Art Installation with Cristina Parreño

Architect Cristina Parreño works in Madrid & London, and has this to say about her installation:

The installation is an attempt to capture movement in a still construction…The installation envisions the reconstruction of those images back to reality, the idea being that the movement of an element is represented by the repetition of that same object in different positions.  A series of lines constructed by translucent tubes play with light and space to produce the illusion of movement around the Lexus IS.

Bahar Yurukoglu

Lexus IS 300h Art Installation with Bahar Yurukoglu

Bahar Yurukoglu is an artist living in Washington — here she describes her installation:

It’s in two parts, a video projection and a site-specific installation. The latter is made out of transparent coloured Perspex in various shapes and sizes. The plastic was installed into the walls, floors and ceilings at predetermined coordinates. In the studio I constructed temporary still lifes using coloured translucent plastic and photographed them. These images became the source for the video projection thrown on top of the installation.

Along with the two images above, there is a behind-the-scenes video that details the construction of the installations:

I like how both artists created around the IS, integrating the sedan right into the overall installation. Very nicely done.

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